"Sunday Times Spotlights Teight Hotel as Epitome of Contemporary Elegance in Thessaloniki."

August 28, 2023

Teight Hotel has earned a prestigious spot among the recommended accommodations in Thessaloniki on Sunday Times. This notable recognition stands as a testament to the hotel's exceptional standing and commitment to superior hospitality.

Trésor Hospitality is honored for its contribution through Pre-opening Services and the 360 Management for the Teight Hotel.

We're excited to share a sneak peek of the Sunday Times article, showcasing Teight Hotel's outstanding features, including the elegant 45 rooms and suites, the Mediterranean culinary experience at the Moldee restaurant, and the contemporary lounge area.

July 2023 - ‘’Opened in 2022, the Teight has brought a blast of chilled modernity to the Thessaloniki hotel scene — its 45 rooms and suites are serene and cool, enlivened with a collection of contemporary photography and a lounge area has a record player, sculptural chairs and very 2023 houseplants. It’s a block from the waterfront and an easy stroll to the White Tower, with plenty of hip joints nearby. However, the hotel’s Moldee restaurant and bar is popular in its own right, bringing a pared-down Mediterranean influence to its dishes and cocktails.’’