The 360 approach of Trésor  Hospitality in hotel management services covers the needs of the modern hotelier, including innovative sales and marketing strategies, staff recruiting, estimate of revenue and budget and the organization of the operational departments of a hotel property.

Sales Management

Our Sales Management Services provide the offline and online sales management of your property, including contracts with tour operators and travel agencies and the management of the hotel's online distribution systems. We also offer a competition analysis, revenue and yield management, reporting and forecast, as well as the training of the reservations executive.

Marketing Management

Following the brand building or the rebranding of your property, our Marketing Services include the online and offline advertising, the development and monitoring of your website, the social media and reputation management, a digital influencers' marketing plan, graphics design services and the set up of your hotel's documents.

Human Resources

The management of the hotel's human resources department includes the selection, the training and the replacement of the staff, in order to create a stable professional environment, achieve the smooth operation and provide high quality services to guests. Our services also include the staff budget creation and detailed job descriptions.

Budget + Finance

Our budget and finance services include the estimation of expenses and revenue forecast, a weekly and monthly sales progress report on income and expenses and a forecast of the booking trends, based on the sales target.

Operations Management

Our operations management services ensure the smooth operation of your property, analyzing and controlling each hotel department (Reservations, Reception, F&B, Mice, Housekeeping), providing operational solutions, achieving fixed costs reduction and implementing a total quality management system. We also create a manual on the hotel procedures.

IDS Online Distribution Management
Sales Management
Reservations Executive Training
Contracts Development with Tour Operators & Travel Agents
Competition Analysis
Revenue & Yield Management
Reporting & Forecast
Annual Budgets
Trade Shows

Online & Offline Advertising & Communication Planning
Corporate Website Development
Digital Influence Marketing
Social Media Management
Graphics Design
Hotels’ Documents set up
Brand Building & Rebranding
Reputation Management

Identification of Needs
Staff Budget
Staff Recruiting
Staff Training
Staff Replacing
Staff Operational Procedures

Estimate Revenue Forecast – Expenses
Estimate of Profitability
Weekly and monthly reporting on income and expenses

Organization of operational departments of the hotel
Food & Beverage
Mice (Meetings, Incentives, Congress, Events)
House Keeping
Hotel Procedures – manual
High-end customer services
Total Quality Management