Trésor Hospitality Marketing Management Services transform your hotel into a brand, building its identity or re-branding your property. After the creation of your corporate identity, we develop, supervise and update your website and we also implement a tailor-made online and offline Advertising and Communication planning. Trésor Hospitality, one of the leading hotel management companies in Greece, also offers services such as a social media and reputation management, a digital influencers' marketing plan, graphics design services and the set up of your hotel's documents.

Hotel Storytelling

Storytelling as part of your hotel marketing strategy is the perfect way to engage your guests in a unique, authentic way. Keeping in mind that people relate to stories rather than boring descriptions and corporate texts, Trésor Hospitality makes your brand shine through the right creative narrative, photography and videography.


Branding is one of the most important aspects of your business. We define your brand and create an effective brand strategy based on your mission, your target audience and competition. Branding includes creating the right logo for your property, building your corporate identity, developing a tagline just for you, creating a "voice" that suits you and designing consistent marketing materials.


Based on the offline Advertising and Communication plan of your property, we create print ads, press releases and offline articles, consistently promoting your hotel to the right audience and media. We also offer graphics design services for the advertisements and the promotional material.


From the development of a website based on your needs to the management of your social media accounts, the invitation of digital influencers to promote your hotel to the right audience, the editing of articles and the creation of digital content, our online marketing services will boost the visibility of your hotel.

Brand Building & Rebranding
Graphic Design

Advertising & Communication Planning
Print ads
Press Releases
Promotional material

Online Advertising & Communication Planning
Website Development, Supervision & Update
Digital Influencers’ Marketing
Social Media Management
Graphic Design Services